Relief Report

Report : Uttarakhand Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Project

The flood relief and rehabilitation work done by the Ramakrishna Mission at Uttarakhand was epic in proportions. The extent of the disaster and the suffers of the poor people brought tears to the eyes of the participating monks very frequently while performing the noble task of rendering relief. During and after the conclusion of the relief, our monastic brothers shared with us various experiences and incidents which throw light on the multifarious aspects of such a vast service activity. This report is a descriptive account of the whole relief work, along with suitable photographs, to give our donors, devotees and well-wishers a ‘behind-the-scene’ account of what it means to participate in a relief project of Ramakrishna Mission!


Flood Relief at Tamil Nadu (2015)

Incessant rainfall in several parts of Tamil Nadu led to heavy floods in Chennai suburbs and neighboring districts, affecting hundreds of families. We have been conducting primary relief work since 14 November 2015 among the affected families through 5 of our branch centres as per details given below:

(1)    Chennai Math centre started relief work in Cuddalore district by distributing 15,000 kg rice, 500 kg lentils (dal), 200 packets biscuits, 30 kg milk powder, 1000 saris, 1073 lungis, 500 towels, 1500 mats, 1565 blankets and 100 sets of utensils (each set containing a rice pot, a sambar pot, a pot covering plate, 2 plates and 2 spoons) among 1693 families from 14 to 18 November. The centre also served cooked food among nearly 5000 affected people at Foreshore Estate (Chennai) on 17 November. Medical relief was provided to 1010 flood-affected patients at Foreshore Estate and Ennore areas in Chennai.

Since 1 December, this centre has also been serving cooked food to about 12,000 people in Pattinapakkam, Nadukuppam, Ramakrishnapuram and Mundakanniyamman areas and distributed dry food materials to 80 people in Bheemanna Garden area in Chennai. Bed sheets, blankets and mats were also distributed among 200 families in Triplicane area in Chennai. On 4 December morning, 1200 cups of tea were served in Mundakanniyamman area. Relief work is going on.

(2)   Chennai Students Home centre served 18,371 food packets (each packet containing rice, pickles and water sachets) and 9090 packets of bread (500 gm) among 11,680 families in 14 areas of Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Chennai districts in Tamil Nadu since 15 November. Relief work is going on.

(3)   Kanchipuram centre distributed 6750 kg rice, 1175 kg lentils (dal), 175 kg sugar, 700 mats, 1700 bed sheets, etc. among nearly 1350 affected families in Kanchipuram district. Relief work is going on.

(4)   Nattarampalli centre served cooked food among 1500 affected people on 3 December at Mambakkam and Thiruvanai Koil villages in Uthiramerur Taluk of Kanchipuram district. Relief work is going on.

(5)   Chengalpattu centre served cooked food among 1700 affected people on 17 and 18 November and also distributed 790 kg rice, 90 kg dal, biscuits and 3 kg milk powder among 84 families in 3 interior villages of Chengalpattu district from 21 to 23 November.


Report Of Flood Relief Work at West Bengal (2015)